FIFA 2008 PS3 Review

FIFA football games have always been compared to the opposite Pro Evolution Soccer (also known as Winning Eleven) game (as both are usually released only a week apart). For years it has been the general admission that while FIFA games have better graphics and are presented a lot better (along with correct team and player names), Pro Evo games have the real meat where it counts – in the gameplay. It seems that this year the distance between the games is shorter than ever, and E.A. have really been focusing on getting the gameplay of FIFA 2008 PS3 as realistic as possible, whilst retaining the fun element. While the game is fairly easy to pick up and play for a non-regular, there is a fairly steep learning curve; meaning it might take you a few matches to really get a feel for the game before you start knocking passes around like Arsenal. แจกเครดิตฟรี

While FIFA 2008 PS3 is not perfect, it is undoubtedly the best FIFA offering ever to be released, and a massive step in the right direction for E.A. Once again the graphics are spot on, and everything from the grass to the members of the crowd have been drawn in supreme detail. Another strong point is the lighting effects. There’s nothing nicer than playing a tea-time kick-off game at Wembley and seeing the sun gently setting in the distance.Another thing that FIFA 2008 PS3 is significantly better than Pro Evo 2008 is with the commentary. With Martin Tyler and Andy Gray, playing a match feels like watching a Champion’s League game (as the commentators are the same), and the level and depth of different phrases means you won’t hear the same thing too often, which adds to the realism.