This is a e book in the Old Testament that tells approximately a man who loses the whole lot to the devil and is left destitute and continuously thinking why it has befell. It is a metaphor, however, for the religious humans of God who’ve been robbed with the aid of religions that promote the devil and have placed a curse over them. This become part of the Roman conspiracy this is in the plan of God to result in the release in their captivity on the cease of the day.

So how do I recognize this?

It starts with my reincarnation that proves there’s no heaven or hell. There are no angels, devils or saints both as God is one, the Great Spirit of the Universe (Isaiah 45:four-8). Between lives I was proven my lifestyles to return and the age whilst something effective could take place. Exactly at that time the Spirit got here upon me with superb strength and commissioned me to tear down the wall and produce again the young in spirit.

This commission became observed with the aid of 3 visions. The first of an image like Jesus Christ preaching to a multitude on a hill, inside the 2d I had changed him, and in the 1/3 my face turned into on a display like this one on the computer. Years later the Internet turned into introduced approximately and now the visions are fulfilled.

What is the Day and the way does it Affect what is happening now?

The day commenced with Adam and Eve. In spiritual meaning of having a baby in a dream Genesis five:2 it states that God created women and men and referred to as their name Adam. This is the fact as Adam became a collective number of folks that have been given the spirit and that they have become a ‘residing religious people’ known as the kids of Israel.

Eve is the Spirit that poured out over them. In Genesis three:20 she is known as the mom of all dwelling. Men who have been serving other gods changed the that means of those early chapters to make out that ladies are cursed with the aid of God and that best they can serve and be considered ‘holy’.

The non secular have been, consequently, given into the fingers of the corruptors who created heaven and hell, devils, angels and saints and feature captured the religious behind a curtain of deceit. It was supposed to be as now we will see how the sector order is collapsing below the weight of over populace, wars, terrorism, dwindling sources, climate trade and international warming. These are all the fault of non secular lies and false gods.

Freedom for the Spiritual Children

It turned into given to me to launch the kids of Israel from the spiritual curse and the strength of the two beasts. This is being executed now as my paintings is going forth and others are copying it and publishing their very own variations. The give up end result might be an overflowing power a good way to knock down the wall and unfastened the religious from their captivity.

This is the Job that religious leaders have selected to misrepresent and the corruption and lies in the bible is not anything because the Spirit has moved to redeem its people from their captivity. It has used me to analyze and recognize what it’s miles approximately in order that folks that are fascinated will be led to also paintings for his or her freedom and that of others.

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